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US$10,000.00 for 1 Trainee ( Training Period: 5 Days X 5 ~ 8 hours/day) ONLINE TRAINING: At US$10,000.00 we provide a set of online training materials (written manuals ( 21 pages + 10 pages), training scene videos of several ex-trainees coming fro several countries with various condtions and properties of raw human hair, etc, as well the service of exchanging Q & A at no extra charge and for ever).

Our policy is to train only 1 person for better or perfect training.

Meanwhile, if 2 persons coming from a company (a place, a location) take our Hands-On-training, we can accept providing our training for both trainees at a time. Because their workplace environment, weather (climate, humidity), markets (related with hair type, hair origin, hair texture, the current color trend, hair product types in market demand, hair properties), chemicals, dyes, pH number of water, temperate of water, country of origin(s) of raw human hair, properties of the hair to use, etc will be the same.

We charge 50%, US$5,000.00 for the extra person, so total US$15,000.00 for 2 persons. In case 3 persons, the company owner ( president), production manager, a technican would take our training course, we provide it at US$20,000.00 ( US$10,000.00 + US$5,000.00 X 2 persons).

We do not train 2 persons from 2 companies or 2 locations in any case.
4(5) DAYS ( 5 ~8 HOURS/DAY )
< In case a trainee need more time to understand on the first training day, the training can take 5 days.
The training class for coloring has stages as follows.
- 1st STAGE for 2 days
Preliminary Education
(Visual & Theoretical Training )
1. Explaining the structure of the human hair

2. Explaining Human hair color rings used internationally
3. Studying written manuals (21 pages) & training scene videos (in 4 hours of running time) will be done as the preliminary exercise (which can be done on your arrival date, evening or night, or next day, but before the days of On-Site Training(work) in our hair factory)

John Yim will have you have understood enough theoretically how to process & color(dye) Human hair, watching videos and manuals, exchanging Questions and Answers.

4. Simulation exercise will be done re how to handle chemicals,etc

5. Explaning all the chemicals used in raw human hair processing & coloring
- 2nd STAGE for 2 days
Hand-On-Training at our hair Processing factory with your human hair

Video-taping will done by John Yim (and you) with 2 camcorders for most of
movements & actions for all the day.
- 3rd STAGE for 1 day
Checking your Training Scene-Videos & Written Manuals
You and John Yim will watch & check your Training Scene-Videos & Revise the written manuals to be customized for you and your production ( for your markets). You have ( should have) questions to get the answers from John Yim. John Yim ask you questions AS TESTS to know if you have learned and understood all we trained and you would like to learn.

Manual checking & edition(up-dating) will be done watching Videos, etc exchanging questions and answers taking your circumstances ( CLIMATE, TYPE OF YOUR MATERIAL-HAIR, YOUR USAGE OF HAIR, ETC ) into consideration.

The manual (19 pages+3 extra pages+ 2 pages) & a chemcal list & Videos (Running Time of 5 hours ~ 25 hours more ) will be given to you before your departure.
Seoul, Korea ( Republic of Korea, or South Korea )
The class is to be set up at your convenient time if you make enrollment 4 weeks before the training date..
RAW HUMAN HAIR ( Washed hair - head of hair should be opened & combed/brushed for saving time in processing during our training )

If your hair to bring is 16" ~ 18", please bring 10 Kgs.
If your hair is 18" ~ 20", please bring 12 Kgs,
If your hair is 20 ~ 24", please bring 13 ~15 Kgs

The enrollment can be made by paying in advance (30% ~ 100% of ) the class fee by T/T to
our Bank Account No. Just click here to view our Bank Account for Bank's Transfer, T/T ( and/or ) Information for Western Union Transfer.

In case you pay us$3,000.00, please pay the rest by cash or T/C when you arrive at our office.
Meanwhile, in case you need to apply for VISA to enter Korea, the advance payment should be us$5,000.00 or more per person.

First of all, please check if you need VISA to enter Korea.

Please view
8) Training Start Date
If possible, we would like you to make enrollment 6 or 4 weeks before the training date you want to start.

Meanwhile, we can start training next day after you arrive in Korea even in case you advise 1 day before arrival.

We would show all the processing Steps & Technical Data only during our class.
Our web pages do not show all what we train you in order to
keep them, even the related words in secret.
We train you how to process for the case of 10 Kgs at a time and 1 Kgs at a time.
Your hair will be processed (AT FREE ) while training in the quality you can sell or use in production of hair extensions, wigs

Into our Tutoring Classes, we have integrated all of our experience, techniques, and information
we have obtained in manufacturing & exporting machine made Wigs (made in human hair,
Synthetic fiber), Hand-tied Toupees, Human hairpiece in bulk or weft (weaving), Chemicals,
Machines, other materials, etc since 1982.
Besides, we have tried to upgrade Tutoring Methods ( approaches) to be easy and more efficient
as the only company internationally serving Tutoring Classes in Hair Goods industry.

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