1. Special Preparations to make raw hair suitable for processing (washing, bleaching, dyeing, etc)


How to Wash & Clean raw hair (Indian Temple Hair) for processing or for supply of raw hair
< This technique enhances the raw hair, SPECIALLY VIRGIN REMY HAIR sold in bulk, wefted, or pre-tipped without bleaching,coloring. >
3a. How to make Natural color (Natural dark color of Asian Hair, Natural Blonde Slavic Hair) from Non Remy hair or Remy Hair
3b. How to make Black color, Dark Brown, or #613, Grey from Natural color (Natural dark color of Asian Hair, Natural Blonde Slavic Hair) in Non Remy hair or Remy Hair
How to make (process) a bundle of Dark Colors of hair with (many) GREY HAIRS become in a color among 1B,2, 4,6,8,10,12,14,17,30,33,22,24,26,27,613,60
4. How to make Non Remy hair become tangle-free (Tangle-Removing)
5. How to bleach
6. How to dye ( See below)
7. How to make hair softened ( Hair-Intenerating/Softening).
8. How to make hair conditioned Silky, Vivid,Smooth,
9. How to do Reversed hair Treatment,
10. How to solve (remove) Hair-tangle of a wig, a hair extension you are wearing now
11. How to change the color of hair extensions, hairpieces once dyed or bleached
12. How to process Hennaed hair to produce ( match) a color
13. How to process Salon-dyed/bleached hair to produce ( match) a color
14. How to tell Remy hair from Non-Remy Hair(Indian hair, Chinese Hair, Vietnam hair, Indonesian hair,Russian hair, European Hair, etc)
15. How to process Long Hair such as 20", 24",or longer
16. How to process Short hair such as 10", 12"
17. What is the difference in processing Indian hair, Chinese hair, Russian hair
18. What is the difference in processing between hair for Hair extensions and hair for Weft/Wig-making
19. How to remove LICE-NITS from hair  
20. and other Secret techniques  
   How to bleach & color (dye) for Dark Colors #1, #1B, #4, #6 ( Black, Dark brown), etc
   How to bleach & color (dye) for Medium Colors 1 #8, #33, etc
   How to bleach & color (dye) for Medium Colors 2 #10, #12, #30, etc
   How to bleach & color (dye) for Light Colors 1 #14, #18, #27, etc
   How to bleach & color (dye) for Light Colors 2 #613(Lightest Blonde),#60(Grey), #16,#22,#101
   How to bleach & color (dye) for Fancy Colors Blue, Pink, Red, Violet, Yellow, Silver Blonde
  How to make Ombre Hair Colors #613/violet, Dark brown to ash blonde ombre;
Dark brown to copper ombre;
Black to dark coffee ombre:
Platinum blonde ombre
  During training, we give you the WRITTEN MANUAL(21 pages + 10 Extra Reference Pages) in paper & VIDEOS in running time of 10 hours showing your training (10 hours of running time; about 5 hours x 2 on site training days) and other VIDOES (about 5 ~ 10 hours of running time) of trainng scenes of past trainees coming from various & different countries with various conditions, types, quality,and different country origins of raw human hair; Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kirkistan, UK, France, Germany, South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, India, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, BangladeshMyanmar, USA, Australia, Brazil, USA, Canada, etc. Which will be lots of practical examples to guide and help you in processing & coloring (raw) human hair in a variety of qualities and conditions.
What to bring when you come to us for our class :
Your own Raw Human Hair
Equipments, Tools, Hair Colors(Dyes) - used in processing & dyeing Human hair can be purchased in your country.
- Very simple things ! ( We'll inform in details after enrollment is done.)

Into our Tutoring Classes, we have integrated all of our experience, techniques, and information
we have obtained
in manufacturing & exporting machine made Wigs (made in human hair, Synthetic fiber) ,
Hand-tied Toupees, Human hairpiece in bulk or weft (weaving), Chemicals, Machines, other materials, etc
since 1982.
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